Are organic T shirts better than conventional cotton T shirts?

Are organic T shirts better than conventional cotton T shirts?

The ongoing debate on whether or not organic t shirts are better for the environment is present among all the sustainability and eco-friendly advocates. In this article, we point out the main differences between the two types of cotton.

Organic t shirts come from cotton grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards. Nonetheless, in order for a t shirt to have the organic label they do not need to be made 100% out of organic cotton.

Numerous clothing brands have labeled their t shirts as organic, but ARE they really?

Recycled pet bottles

The most common organic t shirts are 35% organic cotton and 65% rPET (recycled plastic bottles) t shirts. Although these t shirts are a step forward towards a better world, they are not as soft or comfortable as the ones made of 100% cotton.

There’s a lot of debate in regards to whether or not these practices are good for the environment or not. In the end, this plastic can be reach the bins too. If it ends up in a junkyard, it will inevitably affect the environment.

What is the difference between organic cotton and conventional cotton?

“Organic production is not simply the avoidance of conventional chemical inputs, nor is it the substitution of natural inputs for synthetic ones. Organic farmers apply techniques first used thousands of years ago. These include crop rotations and the use of composted animal manures and green manure crops, in ways that are economically sustainable in today’s world. In organic production, overall system health is emphasized, and the interaction of management practices is the primary concern. Organic producers implement a wide range of strategies to develop and maintain biological diversity and replenish soil fertility”.

(USDA, 2007)
Organic cotton plantation

While organic agriculture is using less harmful pesticides, it takes up a lot more space. With an increase in consumers, this space has to get bigger and bigger. This video explains everything very well: Is Organic Really Better? Healthy Food or Trendy Scam?.

Are conventional cotton t shirts worse than organic cotton t shirts?

Conventional cotton is called the “dirtiest” crop – cotton which grows with the aid of synthetic chemicals, that is. That is because 25 countries still use harmful pesticides to grow the cotton crops.

New rules and regulations around the world on top of consumer’s choices, have forced a lot of manufacturers to stop using these pesticides. This means that the cotton industry is only getting better.

For example, Teesylvania’s tees are made out of cotton which grows with minimal environmental damage. We strive to slow down the fast fashion movement by retailing t shirts that last longer than your usual $5 t shirt.

Lost in the woods Woman Cotton T Shirt

In addition to the nature of the cotton, the apparel industry has another dark side: the way in which factories treat their employees. However, our supplier took measures to create sweatshop-free clothing that consumers would feel happy and safe about wearing.

So, we can start enjoying the fashion industry without damaging the environment. The way in which we think and act has more impact than just mindlessly buying stuff we don’t need.

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