What is overfishing and how can eating fish affect the oceans

This is the most significant and terrific news mankind keeps getting: eating fish affects the oceans. Assessments of the living planet tell us that the Earth has entered a death spiral. We noticed that he more significant the issue, the less it will be examined. Nonetheless, disputes exist everywhere. The…

Transfagarasan – a road trip that you’ll remember forever

It’s 5 AM and you wake up in your small tent. You unzip the “door” and you reach Heaven. High on life, you smell the fresh air and know your day is going to be good. Welcome to Transfagarasan, a 150km road that takes you through the most beautiful sceneries.…

Environmentally friendly tips that have a massive impact

Do you want to be more environmentally friendly but don’t know where to start or what to do? Say no more, Teesylvania is here to inspire people to live healthier! And how can you live healthier if not by changing the way you approach things and the way you live…

Why is palm oil bad for our environment

Whenever you go to the supermarket, you find all these kinds of oils that you can use for cooking.You have coconut oil, flax seed oil, even hemp oil.Even so, there is a type of oil that you might never want to buy and use it for cooking, but your favorite…

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