Environmentally friendly tips that have a massive impact

Environmentally friendly tips that have a massive impact

Do you want to be more environmentally friendly but don’t know where to start or what to do?

Say no more, Teesylvania is here to inspire people to live healthier! And how can you live healthier if not by changing the way you approach things and the way you live your life?

Every day we are surrounded by breaking news about how climate change is destroying the environment. It can definitely get overwhelming.

Even though the biggest companies in the world can be the cause of environmental damage, we, as individuals, have the power to change just a little bit. And that little bit is what more often than not, matters more!

Therefore, we strive to inspire YOU, the individual, to take action.

Here are some environmentally friendly tips that can have a massive impact on the nature and that are as easy as waking up in the morning! (or not 😂)

Biking to work

Environmentally friendly - biking to work… or just biking in general.

Did you know that cycling 20 kilometers a day can save around 2500 kg of carbon pollution EACH YEAR?

Well, yeah. And it’s so much pleasurable to take the bike to work or to the mall, instead of being stuck in traffic all the time.

Commuting was never as easy as now; and by the way, congrats to our fellow Dutch people. You guys are rocking those bikes!

Turn off that TV

Environmentally friendly - Turn off the TVAh, your favorite show is on again! Make sure you switch off the TV when it’s finished, though.

Being energy-efficient has a massive impact on the environment. No wonder why we have Earth-hour.

This is one way in which you can also save the money you put into bills.

Eat less meat

Environmentally friendly - Eat less meatThis is a debate many people would rather not go into, and justly so. For some, meat is a healthy lunch option, while for some others, not eating meat can have negative effects.

Nonetheless, if you don’t want to give up meat at all, you can at least consume less of it. This can have a significant impact on reducing the carbon footprint you leave behind!

Stop wasting food

Some of you might wander, “who wastes food? I could eat everything that’s in my fridge and still be hungry”. The sad news is, 7.3 million tonnes of food is wasted JUST IN THE UK in one year.

That is a huge amount, and unfortunately, this happens all around the world.

Make sure you buy only what you need, and go shopping once a week. Don’t buy products that expire in a few days if you aren’t sure you are going to consume them.

Recycle, recycle and recycle!

Environmentally friendly - RecycleHow much time does it take for you to recycle what you throw out? Not much, to be honest.

If you want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, then one environmentally friendly tip is to take all that waste and recycle it.

Use grocery-delivery services

Environmentally friendly - Grocery deliveryJust imagine how many people go food shopping, or shopping in general, per day!

You can definitely stop using that car and using a delivery service that either uses the bike, or delivers food by car to multiple locations.

Our team at Teesylvania started using this service and guess what? Besides the fact that it’s environmentally friendly, we also save so much time.

Stop throwing away clothes

Environmentally friendly - Sustainable clothingWe all have our passions, and we all indulge in things we desire. But let’s, for once, stop throwing away clothes that we only wear once.

Nonetheless, life is to beautiful and short to not have amazing clothes. That’s why we encourage you to check out our sustainable shop and ALWAYS choose sustainable clothing.

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