Ethical apparel crafted in the heart of the mountains


By bears, bats, vampires and so on…

how it all started…

Bonding with the nature is always a good idea, whether or not you are a bear, a forest creature, or a human 🙂

But so is a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Humans need beautiful trails to walk on… animals need food and a proper environment to live in… and vampires need the occasional shadow from the trees.

Did you know that in a few years from now, we might not be able to recognize the forests we once explored? More and more animals are becoming extinct, forests are dying and we, as humans, can make just a little bit of change!

This is one of the reasons why we launched Teesylvania, a brand that gives back to nature and supports the creatures that live in it.

Why Teesylvania?

We bring you the comfiest apparel crafted in the heart of the mountains, in Transylvania. “The Land Beyond the Forest” is known for its beautiful forests and hills, wild animals and vampires.

That’s why, more often than not, we will send our items through our personal assistants – witches on a broom and owls that get their fair wage and benefits!

Our items are made with great care for our surroundings and our main mission is to save the forests and the forest wildlife. We pledge to donate a part of our sales to wildlife conservation projects.

We are transparent with the good things that we do! We will always send you proof that what you do makes a difference. We are also looking to build a community and listen to everyone out there that has something to say! So, if you have a charity close to your heart, reach out and we’ll send our owls to check it out.

Slow fashion for a better world

What you wear matters.

We are all aware of the dangers the fast fashion industry poses on the environment. Nonetheless, we all wear clothes. Realistically speaking, the fashion industry will not go away anytime soon. We 100% support sustainable fashion brands and clothing companies that teach the world how to help the environment.

We analyzed our business model thoroughly and came up with a sustainable approach to high quality items.

We craft our designs in the Carpathian mountains, in Transylvania. While we are looking forward and working hard to have all our items organically made, we also occasionally use the good-ol’ traditional cotton.

How do we reduce the negative impact on the environment?

We create the clothing items as soon as you place your order. We keep our inventory as small as possible in order to reduce excess waste. We use water-based ink for the designs.

We ship our items from our WRAP certified warehouse partner in the United States. The warehouse provides jobs to the locals, which enjoy paid time off, a safe working environment and healthcare benefits. The facility also implemented Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, like using LED lighting and having recycling programs for paper and plastic. The ink waste is disposed of in such a way that it meets environmentally friendly regulations.

Our suppliers share the same values as we do.

We currently offer shipping only to the United States and Canada, because we want to avoid shipping across the ocean due to the carbon footprint. We are working hard towards collaborating with warehouses in other parts of the world too and even building our own warehouse here in Transylvania.

We ship the items in recyclable, low-density polyethylene, FDA and USDA compliant packages.

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