How an eco tote bag can help you live more sustainably

How an eco tote bag can help you live more sustainably

A small item in your wardrobe can change the way you live dramatically. And we are not joking here, we’re talking about just one eco tote bag.

Bags have been around for ages, and no wonder why they are so diverse. You can get plastic bags from the grocery store, recyclable plastic bags from the local supermarket, and let’s not even get started on leather bags that you buy on occasion and probably spend hundreds of dollars on.

With the increasing knowledge we get about the world around us and the impacts humans have on the environment, most of us are looking for alternatives to using plastic and items that we can easily replace after a few months.

The customers are know offered a much sustainable alternative to the “standard” bag: an eco tote bag.

You can use them when going shopping, walking around the neighborhood, or even during your camping adventures. And this is not all! An eco tote bag is useful in so many ways! Below, we will offer you a list of advantages and reasons why you should choose an eco tote bag.

An eco tote bag is more durable

"Haunter of the Woods" Eco Tote Bag

Throughout the years, the cotton industry has started to use less pesticides and herbicides to grow the fabric. It still has an impact on carbon emissions, but a much lower one. Even so, if your budget allows it, you can always choose an eco tote bag made of organic cotton.

The tote bags made of cotton and organic cotton are much durable than any other alternative. They can be used on all occasions and can be washed together with the rest of your clothes!

Eco tote bags are recyclable and biodegradable

Nothing else to mention here… Throw away your plastic bags, or better, recycle them and replace them with an eco tote bag.

One step further to save the animals

Did you know that so many people go camping and throw away any type of garbage, be it food packaging or bags, without caring for the environment or knowing anything about the threats this behavior poses on it?

Wild Camper Eco Tote Bag

So many animals die swallowing metres of plastic, including birds, turtles and fish? Plastic bags affect the wildlife and the environment suffers because of them.

Choosing an eco tote bag will have a great impact on your lifestyle, knowing that whenever you go camping, you can make sure no trash is left behind!

Spend a bit more, but save more money!

Yes, an eco tote bag is a bit more expensive than just buying plastic bags from the grocery store. BUT, imagine how many bags you buy in a year. By spending a bit more on a tote bag once, you will save so much more than buying tons of plastic bags in a year!

Beautiful and unique designs

"Found my Path" Eco Tote Bag

We know… we know… we might seem a bit biased here, but in all honesty, there are so many tote bags designs out there that are just beautiful! Cotton-based and organic cotton-based bags are ideal for imprinting, especially when you use water based ink.

The ink resists fading and will remain there even if you wash your eco tote bag hundreds of times.

An exercise of imagination… You are going camping this weekend with your friends. The sun sets and the fresh air of the forest hits you. It’s just another day of having fun and enjoying the outdoors. Your eco tote bag is one of the firsts steps you took for a more sustainable lifestyle. You have found your path, and this feels good.

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